During the summer holidays in Sarnówek by Jeziorak Lake, two 11-day integration turn for children participating in the project and their Polish colleagues took place. In total, 90 children took advantage of the holiday trips.

The main attraction during the camp were sports activities including activities on cabin yachts, omega boats, canoes, water bikes and SUP boards. The participants also took part in classes with a motorboat – for the youngest participants of recreation there were organized games with a wheel or a mattress pulled by a motorboat and the older ones could take advantage of water skiing lessons.

There were also integration activities for children, such as dancing, bonfires, animations and discos. As the conditions were favourable, the participants could take advantage of fishing, trips around the area and survival games in the field. There were also organized games and games with elements of sign language, Polish and Ukrainian, as well as talks about Polish and Ukrainian culture.

Below, we present a photo report from the turn.