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27/03/2020 – Foreigners in Poland. Handbook for the personnel working with immigrants

We invite you to read the book “Foreigners in Poland. A handbook for the personnel working with immigrants (Cudzoziemcy w Polsce. Podręcznik dla kadry pracującej z imigrantami)”, which was prepared within the framework of the project. One of the aims of the project is to provide comprehensive integration services for third-country nationals in the voivodeship, […]

04.03.2020 – Conference “Integration of foreign children – examples of good practice”

We kindly inform you that on 16/09/2020 a conference on good practices in integration of foreign children will be held at Warmiński Hotel & Conference at 1 Kołobrzeska Street in Olsztyn. The main topics of the meeting will include: counteracting discrimination and exclusion of children with migration experience, working with children from other cultures and […]

29.01.2020 – Broadcast on Radio Olsztyn

We invite you to listen to the programme which was aired on Radio Olsztyn as part of the Małe Ojczyzny (Small Homelands) series. The broadcast concerns the competition for children “Welcome to our class” and other activities carried out in the project. The recording is available at the following link: Konkurs „Witaj w naszej klasie”

22.11.2019 – Meeting with employers and foreigners working in Poland

The second meeting with employers hiring migrants and communities that associate employers took place on 15.11.2019 at the Polish-German European Youth Centre in Olsztyn. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Warmia and Masuria Voivodeship Office, the Warmia and Masuria Department of the Border Guard, the Labour Office in Olsztyn as well as representatives […]

26.09.2019 – More information in the FAQ tab

We kindly inform you that there are new entries in the FAQ tab. They concern, among other things, travel to the country of origin and the Schengen area, travel in the event of having a stamp in the passport and a decision on granting a temporary residence permit. We invite you to familiarize yourself with […]

10.09.2019 – More information in the FAQ tab

Feel free to familiarize yourself with the latest entries in the FAQ tab, which explain the difference between an employment agreement and a contract to perform a specific task, elaborate on regulations regarding the replacement of your residence card when you change your surname and present procedures connected with being laid off from work when you have […]


During the summer holidays in Sarnówek by Jeziorak Lake, two 11-day integration turn for children participating in the project and their Polish colleagues took place. In total, 90 children took advantage of the holiday trips. The main attraction during the camp were sports activities including activities on cabin yachts, omega boats, canoes, water bikes and […]

22.07.2019 – Operation of the mobile point in Elbląg

We kindly inform you that the mobile point in Elbląg starts operating in August.  Once a month, people who meet the criteria specified in the “Project participants” tab may benefit from integration advice, social assistance or legal advice (by prior appointment). Duties of the project’s employees will be held in the registered office of the […]

18.07.2019 – Invitation to using FAQ tab

Dear Sirs, We invite you to use the FAQ tab, which will periodically provide answers to the most frequently asked questions during legal advice. If necessary, we also invite you to take advantage of legal advice. If you are interested in taking part in the meeting with legal adviser, contact us at the following telephone […]