27/03/2020 – Foreigners in Poland. Handbook for the personnel working with immigrants

We invite you to read the book “Foreigners in Poland. A handbook for the personnel working with immigrants (Cudzoziemcy w Polsce. Podręcznik dla kadry pracującej z imigrantami)”, which was prepared within the framework of the project. One of the aims of the project is to provide comprehensive integration services for third-country nationals in the voivodeship, […]

04.03.2020 – Conference “Integration of foreign children – examples of good practice”

We kindly inform you that on 16/09/2020 a conference on good practices in integration of foreign children will be held at Warmiński Hotel & Conference at 1 Kołobrzeska Street in Olsztyn. The main topics of the meeting will include: counteracting discrimination and exclusion of children with migration experience, working with children from other cultures and […]

29.01.2020 – Broadcast on Radio Olsztyn

We invite you to listen to the programme which was aired on Radio Olsztyn as part of the Małe Ojczyzny (Small Homelands) series. The broadcast concerns the competition for children “Welcome to our class” and other activities carried out in the project. The recording is available at the following link: Konkurs „Witaj w naszej klasie”